Visitor entry system vs Visitor Sign in Sheet

Can you find out if the visitor visiting your facility won’t pose a threat to the occupants of the building? Well, you have nothing to do if your organization is still using the age-old visitor sign-in sheets.

Previously, organizations who wanted to monitor and keep a track of their visitors settled down for visitor sign-in sheets. Unlike the visitor entry system, the sign in sheets was used at the reception desk. It would contain name, address of a visitor, who they are visiting, the purpose of visit, etc. Taking a look forward at the present day scenario, one gets to see that organizations are now using a digital version of visitor sign-in process.

visitor management system

Digital Version of Visitor Check-In

The digital visitor entry system or software allows customer to enter their details from beforehand. On arrival to the premise, after taking their picture an ID badge is issued to them. Only on showing the card, they would gain access to the facility.


Which One is Better?

Many organizations might feel that their age-old visitor sign in sheets are far better than the digital sign-in apps. However, before coming to a conclusion, go through the benefits and disadvantages of both the systems.

Costs: Visitor sign-in sheets cost a few dollars. However, one can see the cost can increase as organizations need to pay salary to the employees who are managing the reception even when there are few visitors.

On the other hand, visitor entry system costs very less. This can be operated remotely and even if a receptionist is not present, it can be used easily.

Security : The visitor sign-in sheets can easily tampered or it can get lost. On the other hand, the records are available for the public, which is not at all a good thing. Anyone can enter the building without a proper checking. However, digital sign-in sheets offer great security.

visitor entry system

The visitor entry system can’t be tampered. The details of the visitor can be kept confidential. Moreover, it offers improved security as only when the details of visitors are entered, they are allowed entry to the building.

Productivity: The productivity of a business is very important. If a business is not having a separate staff for handling the front desk area, then the employees manage the visitors. Often, this leads to disruption in the work process and affecting work productivity.

However, it’s not the case with digital sign in sheets. The concerned person whom the visitor would be visiting is informed immediately. An employee doesn’t need to keep a track on when their visitor would be coming. The digital app would do that task. Hence, the employee can remain productive.

Follow Up: When a company uses a sign-in sheet, one would need to enter the details into the system thereafter. Hence, affect work productivity. However, the visitor entry system scans the details of the visitor and saves it in their database. Thus, it saves a lot of time.

Whether a business can afford to hire a reception task to track visitors and enter their details, a digital sign in software is always better. It can boost the security of the place without affecting productivity.


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