5 Significant Challenges Starts-Ups Face and How to Smartly Counter Them

“Entrepreneurship” has recently emerged as the most frequently used buzzword in Toronto. Today, numerous people by the hour are setting up startups Toronto in the quest to become the next popular business magnate. However, this quest is easier said than done; the truth is 9 out of 10 start-ups go inactive in a few months or years of inception.

The reason is in this cut-throat competitive digital market, each power hungry career wolf is trying to pull down the other. Hereafter, to really succeed one must know of the veritable challenges faced by start-ups and learn to work around them. So, here are some of the common challenges faced by startups and how to overcome them –

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  • Failing to Get the Product Right

One of the primary things that go wrong with a startup is failing to produce a useful product. Many startups in a hurry to set up their business, fail to do complete market research on which their target audience is.

Therefore, when they select a basic product and try to gain in customers, they fail which leads to the business falling. In order for startups Toronto

to succeed, first, pick a list of product or service you are comfortable with offering to clients. Next check the value and need of your product or service in the digital media.

Conduct polls on social media, host surveys and use proper digital marketing advertising schemes to ensure your website has a good CTC. Once, you accomplish these, try and come up with proper marketing options and utilize digital media to your optimal best for targeting your audience.

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  • Managing Finance and Cash Flow

The challenge with startups is that one has to spend money to make money, and indeed it can be an intimidating experience to know exactly how much to spend to ensure that there isn’t a major monetary loss. Nevertheless, improper management of finance is the core reason that drives most startups Toronto to go bankrupt and disappear.

Hence, it’s best to obtain funds from investors to achieve your desired result. Now, this attempt is difficult but not impossible. Make sure you are confident with a detailed plan that assures your investor successful ROI. Only, with a good option for ROI, the investors can develop faith in your enterprise and fund your project.

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  • Choosing the Correct Team

Another common flaw most startups Toronto end up making is choosing the wrong crew. Picking a person who is capable enough to do the job isn’t enough to make a startup succeed. Choosing the team requires individuals who are dedicated, have experience and most importantly are flexible enough to work together for the benefit of their company. The aim of these employees should resonate with your company’s motto and together your team must help your company reach new heights.

  • Not paying heed to competition

Another important flaw that results in startups going into extinction is they are not aware of their competition. Before you venture into the digital market, it’s wise to counter the game plan of your competition. Check their websites, sale statistics, marketing techniques etc. to find out which type of people they target. Now, make a counter-effective business plan that can rival your competition.

Well there you go, if you don’t make these above mistakes most startups Toronto do then rest assured you’re enterprise will succeed.



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  1. Ellen Thompson

    It’s so much less expensive to start a business now vs. when I got started in 1990. I think people mistakenly think it’s easy, and it never is. The most important thing is to offer a product or service enough people actually want at a price they are willing to pay. Too many people start a business to sell something they want without doing their homework to see if there is a broader marketing. I’m on my 7th startup and I’m still trying to learning and figuring out product/market fit for my marketing analytics software platform. Good luck, fellow entrepreneurs!

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